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New to Depth Imaging? Please view this short webcast, which motivates the need for PSDM. Too small? Please view the Full-Screen version at Screencast.com.

Here we have a very typical Gulf Coast example comparing a PSTM image to Wave Imaging's RTM image. First, notice that the frequency content of RTM is similar to PSTM. Second, notice how fault plane reflections are imaged by RTM, and amplitudes truncate sharply against the faults. Moreover, the fault geometry makes more sense with RTM. Wave's depth migrations can handle isotropic, VTI, and TTI media.

You'll be surprised at the relatively low cost of RTM. Because of the low cost of modern high-performance computing, we're able to offer an entire workflow of wave equation PSDM velocity model building, RTM, and attributes for around the cost of basic time processing from larger vendors.

The key to successful depth imaging is high quality velocity analysis. The image at right shows Wave's final velocity model from a typical Gulf Coast project, overlaying the RTM image. Note how Wave's dense angle gather velocity updates, using WEM or RTM angle gathers, can detect short-scale velocity variations across faults and in geopressure zones. We can build fully anisotropic earth models and tie all available well control.

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