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Whitepaper: 3D Reverse-time Shot Record Migration (RTM)

Press "play" below for a "tutorial" on our reverse-time migration (RTM). This video is narrated by Wave Imaging's Senior Geophysical Advisor, Morgan Brown, and is excerpted from a talk given by Dr. Brown at the June, 2010 Denver Geophysical Society luncheon. It puts RTM into the context of other prestack depth migration methods, describes the algorithm in a step-by-step fashion, and illustrates RTM with two field data examples (Gulf Coast salt dome and Wyoming anticline). To view this tutorial at full-size, please visit ScreenCast.com.

Wave Imaging developed a shot record reverse-time migration (RTM) algorithm. Here are some algorithm highlights:

  • Pseudospectral (Fourier) or finite-difference wave propagation
  • Anti-aliased imaging condition is employed to preserve high frequency content and suppress artifacts.
  • Can be run from topography (this can imply land topography, OBC/nodes, or 3D VSP).
  • We can optionally apply shot consolidation to reduce runtime without sacrificing data coverage.
  • Isotropic, VTI, HTI, or TTI capabilities
  • Dense angle gathers (incidence or azimuth) for velocity update or attributes
Interested in reading more about Wave Imaging's WEM technology?
  • We presented field data examples of Wave Imaging's RTM at the June, 2010 Denver Geophysical Society Luncheon. The presentation contains RTM examples from the Gulf Coast and Wyoming.

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