Wave Imaging Technology Inc.
Morgan P. Brown, General Manager

Morgan Brown was CEO of Wave Imaging Technology Inc. from 2008 to the company's sale to GeoCenter in 2013. He was named to the role of General Manager at that time. Morgan holds a B.A. in Computational and Applied Math from Rice University and a PhD in Geophysics from Stanford University. In R&D positions at Hess Corp. and 3DGeo, he tackled projects in wave equation imaging, reflection tomography, and automated seismic interpretation. Morgan manages Wave Imaging's day-to-day activities and is the primary sales contact.
Joseph H. Higginbotham, Manager of Depth Imaging R&D

Joe Higginbotham founded Wave Imaging Technology Inc. in 2007. A 35-year industry veteran, Joe has worked for Texaco, Chevron, and 3DGeo, and is a recognized expert in wave equation depth imaging. He developed the WavePak seismic processing system. The robustness of WavePak's core and its parallel architecture testify to Joe's scientific vision. At Wave, Joe architects the Company's technology development strategy. He holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Toledo.
Oscar E. Ramirez, Senior Geophysicist

Oscar Ramirez brings over 15 years of processing experience from his prior work in Louisiana, deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Williston Basin, West and East Texas, Oklahoma, the North Sea, South China Sea, Peru, Morocco and offshore Brazil. He earned Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Earth Systems from Stanford University, and has worked for PGS, Hess, and Weinman Geosciences (now Global Geophysical).
Cosmin Macesanu, Senior Research Geophysicist

Cosmin Macesanu brings the rigor of a PhD theoretical physicist to Wave's cutting-edge R&D efforts. Before joining Wave in 2009, he worked in geophysical development at 3DGeo, having previously performed postdocs at Syracuse and Oklahoma State. Cosmin developed Wave's RTM and Velocity Model building tools and is a named inventor on our second and third patent applications.
Cathy Joanne, Geophysicist

Cathy came to Wave in November, 2011, following a post-doctoral internship at ExxonMobil. Having earned a PhD in Geology from University of Nice (France), she brings a unique, geologically-relevant perspective to depth imaging. Cathy successfully manages depth imaging projects from around the US, with a recent focus on the Mid-Continent and Rockies.
Kevin Rybicki, Geophysicist

Kevin comes to Wave from the field of Medical Physics, having received an M.S. from Duke University in 2011. A Physics graduate of Pennsylvania State University, he also swam for 3 years on the PSU varsity team. Kevin quickly learned the basics of seismic processing, and is now managing depth imaging projects. He also does most of our "prep" work and runs our 5D Interpolation.
Edward J. Andrews, Senior Exploration Consultant

Ed Andrews has been actively engaged in exploration and development geophysics since 1975, most recently as Chief Geophysicist of EXCO Resources in Pittsburgh. Located in Ohio, Ed represents Wave Imaging to clients primarily in the Northeastern US. His special interests include azimuthal attribute analysis, elastic inversion, regional tectonic interpretation, and comprehensive application of geophysical methods. His work experience includes Gulf Coast offshore and onshore, Midland, Michigan, and Anadarko basins, Alaska North Slope and Chukchi Sea, Ohio and Appalachian basins. He has worked the unconventional Marcellus Play since 2007.
Michael A. Fenton, Senior Exploration Consultant

Mike Fenton has over 40 years of experience in Seismic Exploration, acquisition, processing, and interpretation. He brings a wealth of international and domestic expertise to Wave Imaging, having worked in all facets of the seismic business, from acquisition to processing to interpretation. Mike hails from Bakersfield, CA and represents Wave to clients in that area. He additionally draws upon his deep worldwide contacts to develop business for Wave, both internationally and domestically.
Robert G. Clapp, Technical Adviser

Bob Clapp is a renowned geophysical researcher at Stanford University. A 2007 recipient of the SEG's J. Clarence Karcher Award, Bob has spearheaded an array of technical innovations during his tenure at Stanford. One of the first to successfully implement a 3D reflection tomography algorithm, Bob has gone on to make significant contributions in wave equation migration, automated seismic interpretation, parallel computing, and large-scale visualization, among other things.

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