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Computer Resources

Wave Imaging offers state-of-the-art on-site computer facilities in Houston and Denver. Heavily secured, the facilities have UPS protection and (in Houston) full gas generator backup. Wave boasts over 2,000 CPUs to parallelize large jobs, with ample space and power to add significant machine capacity to work on large projects. Wave can read any modern tape media; for very old or rare formats, we outsource data transcription to our sister company, GeoTape, Ltd. Clients may engage in live interactive sessions with Wave personnel via Go-to-Meeting. Small deliverable files, i.e., those less than 1 GB in size, can be uploaded to a secure FTP server to enable quick QC by the client.

Depth Imaging Software

Wave Imaging is proud to use the WavePak seismic processing system, developed by Dr. Joe Higginbotham, for depth imaging. WavePak was intended to provide a friendly environment for developers and was also intended to be easy to maintain and to port. This was important because good software was being lost when companies moved to new hardware and operating system environments.

Like many other seismic processing systems, WavePak uses "piping" to run multiple sequential seismic operations without the need to write intermediate results to disk. However, rather than using operating system piping, the piping in WavePak is programmed directly into the system. This fact enabled Dr. Higginbotham to very naturally develop a fault-tolerant, load-balanced data parallelism using the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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