Wave Imaging Technology Inc.
GeoCenter LP, Seismic Ventures LLC, ProSEIS LLC (SEI's internal 2D processing entity), Wave Imaging Technology (a division of GeoCenter) and the processing staff of Summit Geophysical joined together to create SEIMAX Technologies LP. Learn more about SEIMAX Technologies LP on our new website www.seimaxtech.com which will be launched soon! Stay tuned for more information.

Wave Imaging Technology is a cutting-edge seismic processing company, owned by GeoCenter, LP. From our offices in Houston and Denver, our expert staff applies proprietary technology on a parallel supercomputer to service contracts from around the world, for our many clients.

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  • Anisotropic RTM and WEM
  • WEM/RTM angle gathers
  • Tied to all well control
  • Super-dense analysis
  • Thomsen parameters
  • Well planning/geopressure
  • Gather conditioning
  • AVA amplitude calibration
  • Fracture analysis
  • Model VTI/HTI/TTI Shots
  • Which shooting geometry?
  • Is salt flank visible?
  • Suppress noise, footprint
  • Better shallow velocities
  • More reliable attributes
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