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Depth Imaging Clients
We're not big on extracting cheesy testimonials from our clients, but here is our favorite. The manager of the small independent's business unit is an engineer by training, and skeptical of seismic data, much less fancy processing like depth imaging. However, we took a proprietary dataset to depth using RTM and uncovered a host of small fault blocks, one of which proved to be a notable oil discovery. The manager is using Wave Imaging to take another dataset to depth, and here's what he said when he awarded the job:

"This time, we're going straight to depth - no screwing around"

Over the years, we've been honored to work with many valued clients, some of which we list below. From all of us at Wave: Thank You!

Aera Energy (Bakersfield)
Armstrong Oil & Gas (Denver)
Aspect Energy (Denver)
Berexco (OKC)
BHP Billiton (Houston)
Cascade Minerals (Houston)
Chevron (Pittsburgh)
Cimarex (Denver)
Crawford Energy (Houston)
Delta-T (Shreveport)
EXCO Resources (Pittsburgh)
Fasken Oil & Ranch (Midland)
Fidelity E&P (Denver)
Forest Oil (Denver)
Hilcorp (Houston)
Milagro Exploration (Houston)
Mull Drilling (Wichita)
Nadel & Gussman (Denver)
Nadel & Gussman (Shreveport)
Neumin Production (Corpus Christi)
OMV (Austria)
Petrobras America (Houston)
Petrobras (Brasil)
Palomino Petroleum (Wichita)
Patara Oil & Gas (Denver)
Pluspetrol (Argentina)
Porto Energy (Houston)
Samson (Midland)
Samson (Denver)
Sklar Oil & Gas (Shreveport)
Trek Oil & Gas (Houston)
Tri-C Resources (Houston)
Vecta Oil & Gas (Houston)
Whiting Petroleum (Denver)
Whiting Petroleum (Midland)
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